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About The Energy-2021 Conference

The National Committee for Development of Technologies (CNDT), a structure of the Cameroonian Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, organizes conferences and seminars every year on the themes of transfer and development of appropriate technologies for Cameroon and Africa.

CNDT conferences gather researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, students and innovators from Cameroon, Africa and beyond to identify new ways of supporting Africa’s sustainable development and to achieve stronger continental competitiveness in the region and across-continental partnerships.

CNDT, in partnership with the African Network of Solar Energy (ANSOLE) and the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) of the University of Buea (UB), is hosting this year a special conference focussing on energy issues and their applicability in Africa through the digital era, under the theme: Renewable Energy and digital technologies for the development of Africa (Energy2021-Conference).

Energy2021-Conference will be an energy and digital nexus research-based and innovation-focused conference that aims at addressing key energy issues, research findings and appropriate innovative energy solutions for the African continent.