Energy2021-Conference context and objectives

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Current and planned efforts to provide access to modern energy services in Africa barely outpace population growth despite progress in some countries. New models of energy production, transport and consumption are needed to improve the performance and lower the costs of energy systems and technologies. Many researches on energy generation components and systems have been developed taking into account the constraints of limited fossil fuel resources and climate change. These improvements could be accelerated with the penetration of new ICT in the energy sector. The technologies that have enabled the emergence and democratisation of the Internet could indeed be transposed to the energy sector.

For decades, several ICTs have been used to improve the energy sector, including modelling, simulation and automation of energy systems. Recently, the vulgarisation and cost reduction of digital tools have opened up a vast field of innovation in the energy sector. Some of them are the creation and analysis of vast amounts of data, the connection of different “smart” devices to become an internet of things (IoT), the optimal design and operation of energy systems, the optimization of energy efficiency through demand side management, etc.

Objectives and general topics

Energy2021-Conference will be an Energy and digital nexus research-based and innovation-focused conference that aims at addressing key energy issues, research findings and appropriate innovative energy solutions for the African continent.

This conference is intended to be a meeting point for scientific and technological innovations in the energy sector to help bridge the energy gap and technological limitations faced by African countries